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So what does WHATEVER YOU WANT mean? 

Here's the scoop!


On our homepage you will see our entire playlist (and then some!), scroll through and tell us what songs you want to hear more of or less of.  We receive all that information everyday and modify our playlist according to what YOU want!  Just click "thumbs up" or "thumbs down" on the songs you like and dislike!  It's just that easy! 



The WHATEVER YOU WANT workday is where you get to pick the song that plays next on 101-9 The Big O!  Tune in Monday through Friday between 9am and 4pm to participate in the voting sessions all workday long!  When it's time to vote, you'll see the three songs that you get to choose from at Whatever1019.com...click on the one you want to hear (remember, you can get others to help get that song played by electing to share your vote on FACEBOOK) and then you''ll see the vote tally in percentage!  The song with the most votes is the one that plays NEXT!  So, get your co-workers and friends to vote too!



THE BIG O TAKEOVER is where you get to pick every song we play from 6p to 12M every weekday on 101-9, The Big O.  Just log onto Whatever1019.com and click the songs you want to hear next.  The song you voted for will move up and down the list according to how many votes the song has against the other songs on the list.  Remember you and all the Big o lsiteners are clicking the songs up and down the list to get their favorites to play.  We suggest you log into Facebook and get your friends to join you online to help pick the songs that play during the BIG O TAKEOVER.    




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